English Ads and Website Assistance

Many non-native English speaking companies place ads on sites like www.alibaba.com and www.backpage.com and others and wish to portray a professional business image.  This often is undermined by the use of improper English and punctuation.

We help our clients to perfect their use of English and Grammar and Punctuation and Format on their Ads and their Websites so they can obtain a more favorable response from their efforts.

Our Process:

  • We will examine your Ad or your Website and analyze it thoroughly for issues.
  • We will send you a report of what we have found and a quote for your review.
  • Once you have agreed to purchase our services, we will send you a Paypal invoice.
  • We will then send you pictures of your Ad or Website with the corrections.

Our services are very inexpensive and our turn around time is very fast!